Mission Statement

The Lake Buena Vista Historical Society (LBVHS) is established to educate the public on and preserve the history and heritage of the city of Lake Buena Vista, Florida and neighboring city of Bay Lake, Florida.

The Lake Buena Vista Historical Society derives its funds from individual and corporate donations, gifts, grants and the occasional sale of educational items such as souvenirs, clothing, calendars, memorabilia, and books of general interest and academic research.

LBVHS continues exploring and instituting new and creative ways to bring the fascinating story of the history of Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, established in 1969, and their development as theme park and resort destinations to people around the world.  Society activities include educational tours, scholarly symposia, observances of historic events and anniversaries, enhancement and preservation of artifacts, photographic and motion picture film.  The Society maintains an extensive free digital archive online at RetroWDW.com

The Lake Buena Vista Historical Society is not affiliated in any way with the Walt Disney Corporation or any of its subsidiary or affiliated organizations or the Lake Buena Vista County Historical Society of Iowa.  Views expressed independently by members and officers of the society are their own and do not represent the views of the Lake Buena Vista Historical Society.

The Lake Buena Vista Historical Society is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt, educational 501(c)3 organization.